Solutions to stay at home

“Carry on Living” helps individuals find solutions to lead a happier and more independent life in their own home by blending style with comfort and practicality.

Independent living

“Carry On Living” aims for our clients to remain living at home where they feel in control, maintain their independence, well-being and dignity. 

It is universally recognised that when people stay in their own home, in their familiar network and surrounding, they are happier and healthier.

our Services

In-Home Consultation

The In-Home Consultation service allows us to see what is needed to design and determine a personalised solution to meet your needs and accomplish your goals. The In-Home Consultation helps with designing the solution.

Home improvements

Home improvements can help maintain a person’s ability to live independently – whether they are older, have a disability, are unwell or have been injured. They greatly improve people’s well-being and reduce dependence on carers.

Healthy Meals in your Home

Tried and tested Contacts for prepared meals, conveniently delivered to your door. Good old-fashioned home-style cooked meals which are wholesome, nutritious and well balanced.

Home Help & Carer’s

Find Companionship, Home Help and Care to assist you in being able to stay at home.  Whatever your needs, we will assist you in finding the necessary help.  Cleaners, gardeners, someone to take you shopping or to appointments.  We have all the contacts you will need.

Allied Health and Personal Services

Be it personal care such as hairdressing, manicure and pedicure or Allied Health services such as Physiotherapy, Ophthalmology, Occupational Therapist etc.  We have the necessary contacts for all required services to come to you.

Assisted living products

We have researched worldwide, (attending overseas trade fairs), to make sure we know the best available products to assist you in comfortable daily living tasks and help with mobility issues.  These will help you live independently and painlessly.


FREE consultation

Let’s talk about ‘YOUR’ needs and how Carry On Living can help.

During your FREE Consultation Call we will cover:
  • Ways we can assist you to stay at home.
  • Making life at home less of a struggle.
  • Your interests and how we can assist in revitalising them.
  • Things you miss most in your daily life.
  • Selecting the right nursing home for the future.  
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Life extension

Within this generation, an extra 30 years have been added to our life expectancy — and these years aren’t just a footnote or a pathology. At TEDxWomen, Jane Fonda asks how we can think about this new phase of our lives.

Aging Research

How can we better support people in the community to help them live longer and more independently while maintaining their quality of life.  The John Richards Centre for Rural Ageing Research looks at the issues of ageing and the delivery of aged care services.

Redefining elder care

How would you prefer to spend the last years of your life: in a sterile, hospital-like institution or in a village with a supermarket, pub, theatre and park within easy walking distance? The answer seems obvious now, but when Yvonne van Amerongen helped develop the groundbreaking Hogeweyk dementia care centre in Amsterdam 25 years ago, it was seen as a risky break from tradition. Journey with van Amerongen to Hogeweyk and get a glimpse at what a reimagined nursing home based on freedom, meaning and social life could look like.

Testimonials from some of our happy clients
Adam R - South Yarra
"Just a short note to thank you so much for your assistance with my parents home. It is a very intense and emotional time when parents lose confidence in their ability to stay at home even though it is where they feel most comfortable. Your help with design and delivery of various items around the home to simplify their daily lives has been invaluable. We especially loved the gentle and caring way in which you engaged with our parents to determine what was important to them and the areas that were causing them difficulties. You certainly bring a wealth of experience when you visit homes for ageing parents. I wish you every success aiding the elderly to remain safe and comfortable in their home for as long as practical, thanks again."
Claude B - Malvern
"Between the age of 90-95-years, my mother was still looking after herself in the surroundings that she knew for the last 40 years. Her health started to deteriorate and her space became sum what cumbersome to navigate; but was adamant not to end up in a Nursing Home! At that stage, Deb’s input and advice was so valuable that it made her life easier, more suitable and comfortable… Until she was ready to be transferred into an Old People’s Home. I can highly recommend the services of Carry On Living."
Jill A - Albert Park
"I first used Deb benkoumoun as an interior decorator ten years ago. I found Deb to be friendly, energetic and inspiring. She is a very good listener. She took on board my ideas and merged them with her experience and flare to come up with a beautiful design we are enjoying to this day. Debs natural ability and practicality enables her to adapt to any situation and make it work. I would recommend Deb for her cheerful caring personality and her ‘ can do ‘ approach as she simply takes care of your problems for you."
Karen R - East Malvern
"Deb’s advice regarding my elderly mother-in-law’s in home care was invaluable. We would not have known how much help she was entitled to, who to contact to get the process started and how to manage the red tape. Deb was also a wealth of information on all of the latest equipment available to assist my mother-in-law in her daily life. She was able to source this equipment fast and at a reasonable price. Deb had reliable, efficient trades people to carry out the necessary adjustments to the house. I highly recommend her services to any prospective client."
Lee C - Forster
"Deb Benkemoun has been a phenomenal help to my husband & me. We have been beset in our later years with various illnesses, (my husband’s being terminal) Deb has helped us in all aspects of our health & well being needs, making living at home easier both mentally & physically & even financially. She has introduced us to help we had no idea existed. Debs expertise is total & we are endlessly grateful."
Mary J - Ashburton
"I engaged Carry On Living both for our personal home and for my mother's home. The ideas were both practical and financially sound. For my home, it was the colour co-ordination and ideas for our cooking appliances. For my mother's home, it was to assist us with design and accessibility around the home as she was very fragile. Carry on Living put together the equipment we required to assist my mother with her independence in her own home. The ideas blended in well with both of our homes. Carry on Living provided prompt, professional and collaborative service"
Theresa L - Fitzroy
"Deb Benkemoun has empowered my family with choices, great confidence + support in relation to the difficult scénarios in caring for elderly parents living and carrying on in their own home. Debs sensitive ,caring consultation and particular her expertise in assisted living has enabled my parents to remain in Their home. Their home has been modified to enable them to continue to live in a space of safety, Quality, support and easy functionality... with security for there health and easy mobility in there bathrooms walkways inside the home and the outside zones. Deb consultations are priceless and she is always mindful of cost for her client. Debs history in assisted living design functionality with empathy abd compassion and optimism will deliver great confidence and reassurance for your parents home, this will be the safest decisions for your parents to remain carrying on home with all the intelligent modifications for longevity. A very beautiful delightful person, highly recommend Deb Benkemoun expertisée and experience for all your parents needs. Thanks"
Liz D - Brighton
"Over the years I have known Deb Benkemoun, she has demonstrated excellent interior design skills and inspired me with her ability to solve unique problems. With an aesthetic approach she displays efficient solutions with the resources at hand. Deb has an astute eye and a sensitive manner to maximise what a client needs to provide a practical, balanced environment that meets the client’s needs. She can work affectively with a wide range of clients, and in particular, the elderly and those with special needs. I can highly recommend her services."

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